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How To Purchase

Simply e-mail us  the amount you wish to invest and your chosen product.  We will e-mail you a reply detailing our charges for that product and how they compare with the standard product charges.  If you wish to proceed, let us know your name and address and we will post you the relevant application form and other statutory information.  You complete the application form and return it to us.  If applicable, any cheque is made payable to the product provider, e.g. Irish Life and NOT to Ferguson & Associates.  Indeed, by arrangement, we can organise that you can send the cheque directly to the product provider.  (This must be by prior agreement with us.) 

We then send your application to the product provider with our instructions to structure the product as per our agreed terms.  The product provider will process your investment in the normal way and will issue policy documents, which will be issued to us, with a copy to you.  We will send you the original documents.  The policy documentation you receive directly from the product provider will confirm the special terms we have agreed.   



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