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Our Execution-Only Service

We provide access to some of Ireland's leading financial products to those who don't require financial advice, with significantly reduced charges.

What is Execution-Only?

An Execution-Only service, such as what we provide, means that you tell us what financial product you wish to buy.  We don't give you advice as to the type of product most suitable for your needs, the amount you are investing or the type of fund you are choosing.  We assume that if you are using this site, you have already made these decisions.  You tell us which financial product you wish to purchase, and we execute your instructions and arrange discounts for you.

How do the Discounts work?

Most financial products, e.g. pensions, investment bonds, PRSAs and long-term savings plans generate a commission for the sales-person.  This commission, which is usually expressed as a percentage of the investment, remunerates the sales-person for marketing costs, obtaining financial information from the client about their financial circumstances, recommending the most suitable financial product to the client, documenting the recommendation, processing the application and forwarding the documentation to the client.  It also covers any back-office costs the sales-person may have such as offices, staff etc.  Such commission is incorporated into the financial product charges, and is ultimately deducted from the value of your investment.   

Through this site, we don't provide financial advice or recommend products.  We don't meet clients.  We primarily use the internet for our marketing.  Accordingly we can afford to set up financial products for lower commission than the standard rate.  We design variations of the financial products with lower commission rates than standard and consequently lower charges than standard.  More of your money gets invested and less gets deducted in charges. 

What if I need Advice?

If you don't know which product is suitable for your needs, you are not an Execution-Only client and should not use this site.  Please see www.ferga.comor e-mail your requirements to us at info@ferga.com   We are authorised to offer financial advice, but the discounts available through this site will not apply.  

Can I Not Get a Better Deal by Approaching the Financial Institutions Directly?

Generally, no.  If you approach a Financial Institution directly, you will be sold their standard product, incorporating the standard charges and rates of commission.  Many financial institutions rely heavily on brokers to distribute their products.  They do not want a conflict of interest arising whereby a client can get a better deal by dealing with them directly, rather than going to a broker.  

I Want to Purchase a Specific Financial Product that is not featured on this Site

It is not practical for us to mention all of the financial products we offer here on this site, as the range is changing constantly and there would simply be too many.  If you have a particular financial product you want, that you don't see here, simply e-mail us.




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